An Enclosed Safety Bed for a Special Needs Child

Oliver’s Bed is designed for disabled children/young adults and/or additional needs by the proud manufacturers and parents of 123 Sleep Ltd.

A hand crafted enclosed safety bed that your child is secure so you have the peace of mind for their safety at night. We have been advised by parents that the bed has a therapeutic effect on behaviour and sleep since receiving their Oliver’s Bed.

A great alternative to a standard hospital bed and designed for children with cerebral palsy, down syndrome, Angelman Syndrome, developmental disabilities, cognitive disability, visual impairment, epilepsy, neuro-disabled and others but to name a few.

Your child would be surrounded by a sustainable oak frame which is not accessible from the insides and coupled with soft sided fabric or PVC fire retardant panels that eliminate the possibility of the child falling or wandering.

Safe Bed For Special Needs Child

Our Story

Oliver was born in 2007 and was a very happy content baby, but after several months, he failed to reach his milestones. We were concerned about his progress and failed to convince the Health Visitor that he wasn’t gaining his early year skills.

As a cabinet maker, Olivers father studied the bed and with several email conversations with the makers of the Courtney bed, we came up with Oliver’s bed, a unique bed for a little boy, a bed with dignity.