Enclosed Safe Bed For Special Needs Child – Funding

So this has been a long journey, you have been diagnosed or you are still waiting for it.  You have fought for all your childs needs, statement/EHCP, medicines, which school should they attend and now they are getting bigger and have outgrown there safe comfortable cot.  It has been quite a chore for you because they have never slept well and you just know that you can’t pop to John Lewis or Benson for Beds and pick up the next stage of there life.

You also have accepted that your child has special needs or a disability but they are still your child and you want them to have a nice bedroom with a safe bed in it.

So that was the main concept for coming up with oliver’s bed.  We wanted him to be safe at night having angelman syndrome and epilepsy, severe global delay and no sense of danger, but we wanted him to be a little boy.

But as parents, we understand the great burden on purse strings to achieve that most important piece of equipment you will ever purchase.

I have spoken with Cerebra quite recently about funding beds and as they are a great advocate on sleep for both child and parents, the lady informed me that using there charity and that that have  great connections with angelman syndromes charity ASSERT, but I am not naïve that charities only have so much funding to supply equipment.  So my blog is to introduce just a few and when you set off on this charity hunting road , I have done a little of the leg work for you.










So if your child has a genetic and chromosome condition, social communication disorder/condition, general developmental disorders, neurological disorders, mobility and muscular disorders or special educational needs, then maybe you are needing a bed, just give us a call and one of staff would be happy to talk through your options.


Our ethos is:  your child sleeps safely, so you can sleep soundly.